Utah Tech University

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register a team?

You can register your team by logging into UT’s IMLeagues web portal located here. Registration is solely done online.

How do I pay?

You can pay with cash, check or a credit card at the intramural office when you turn in your registration form.

What happens if my team is scheduled for a day and time we can't play?

If your team is scheduled for a date or time that they cannot play, contact the opposing captain and arrange to meet in the Intramural Sports office. Together with the opposing team captain, set up a time to meet with an intramural staff member to inform both captains of available dates and times. You must also complete a “Rescheduling Request” form and select a time, location and date with the opposing team’s captain and a member of the intramural staff.
Rescheduling must be done at least 24 hours before the original game time.

What do you win?

Championship t-shirts are awarded to all Intramural Champions. You will receive your t-shirt following the championship game.

Where, when, and how much does it cost to sign up?

Sign-up fees vary from sport to sport. Registration forms will indicate how much your fee is for the particular sport you are playing. A listing of sign-up fees and times can found on the Intramural web site or can be picked up at the Intramural office.

How do I find out when my team is playing?

Participants and team captains are responsible for obtaining schedules and all information contained therein. Schedules will be posted on the Intramural Web site and on the window of the Intramural office.

How many teams can a participant play on?

A participant may play one Co-ed team and one other team for any given sport.

Who can play?

All Utah Tech University students, faculty, and staff can participate in intramurals. Spouses of students, faculty and staff can also play but must come to intramural office to check eligibility.